Custom Fabrication

Crew In Shop BWA great athlete does his/her best work under pressure. When the odds are not stacked wholesale jerseys in their favor they seem to thrive. That’s also the case with Maguire Tank!

The pros in our fabrication shop recently completed a project that no one else in the business was even willing to try! “These are the kind of projects that get our competitive juices flowing”” says Brad Jones. “Although this was a tight deadline, we had to deliver the completed product within 60 days!”

Why such Buying a rush? Unimin, a world-wide reveals manufacturer of aggregate, needed a variety of sizes of pipe manufactured for a wash plant process in a man-made pond in Wisconsin late last fall. “We had to fabricate all of the materials, sandblast them and apply a coal tar epoxy paint in less than 2 months. They needed to get these pipes in place before winter,” said Rich Kemmis-Sales/Field Representative. This was a huge project-one of cheap jerseys China the pipes was 8’ in diameter and 60’ long.

For Eric cheap jerseys Page and the guys in the fabrication en shop, it was the kind of challenge they look forward to. “We can do custom projects for sure. It did take us out of our comfort zone which is building water towers. But this was a great chance for us to step out of the box and do something different. It gave the guys a great sense of accomplishment that they rose to the challenge. They felt really good about meeting that deadline,” said Page. “This was a phenomenal project for our tank division to show their capabilities,” said Kemmis.

Gene Jones Jr. was glad that Maguire got the chance to showcase its skills to such a large company like Unimin. “It was a major feather in the cap of the fabrication department because of the quick turnaround. Plus it was the first time we’d done something like this. We got the job because of our ability to deliver in a timely manner.”

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