Renovation Continues on Main Street Water Tower in Sedalia, Missouri

A workman with Maguire Iron Inc., of South Dakota, looks down Wednesday morning from the Sedalia water tower located at East Main Street and South Massachusetts Avenue. Sedalia Water Department General Manager Charles Bosch said the renovation contract for the tower began July 1. He noted that the water tower is used for Sedalia’s drinking water and it contains 1 million gallons while the water tower in west Sedalia contains 1.5 million gallons.

Water Department Manager Charles Brosch said Maguire Iron Inc., had the tower sandblasted and then they began painting it inside and out approximately two weeks ago. “When they first started they thought they wouldn’t be done for five months,” he said. “But they brought in some extra people to do the sandblasting, and now they are saying they probably will be done within the next month, providing the weather cooperates.”

Sedalia’s Main Street water tower seems to wear a cap as painting progresses on the exterior. “They took everything done to bare metal, and then primered …” Brosch noted. Brosch added that while the tower is being renovated all the water from the Main Street tower is being rerouted to Sedalia’s west water tower.

By Sedalia Democrat

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