Maguire Iron Services

From our early years serving a four state region with service, maintenance and painting, we have grown and expanded to meet more needs in more places.  Our new tank construction crews have been to the western edge of Montana and to the eastern edge of Ohio.  Our paint and repair crews have been to the Canadian border in North Dakota and to the Gulf Coast of Texas.  Maguire Iron has the resources to serve your tank needs wherever you are from design and construction through maintenance, painting and repairs.

New Tank Fabrication Maintenance, Paint & Repair

New Tank Fabrication & Erection

In addition to providing safe, clean potable water, water towers are often billboards for communities and a great source of pride.  Maguire Iron has been fabricating and erecting these landmarks since 1982.  Experienced engineers design your tank and oversee the fabrication process in our production facilities in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Maguire Iron fabricates a wide variety of water storage tanks from Legged Tank Ellipsoidals, Pedespheres and Hydrocones to our trademark, the Spheroid. We also fabricate and erect ground storage tanks as well as standpipes.  We will help customize the tank that best fits your needs!

Since 1915 Maguire Iron has been your source for:

Paint System

  • Sandblasting
  • Low-Dust Sandblasting
  • Full Containment
  • Lead and Metals Abatement
  • Elastomeric and Polyurea (100% solids)
  • Custom Logo Application


  • Full physical coating system inspection (Drained tank)
  • Remote Operated Vehicle Inspections (Inspect without draining tank)
  • NACE Certified Coatings Inspectors
  • Full Structural Analysis

Tank component repair/replacement

  • Replacement of tank roofs, sidewalls, or bottoms
  • Large and small diameter riser pipes, fail-safe vents, frost jackets, OSHA approved manways, ladders
  • Fall protection devices
  • Recirculation systems
  • Welding and Repair Upgrades (OSHA and Regulatory Compliance)


  • Extended Cleanout and Maintenance Programs (Customized to your unique needs)

Emergency Services

  • Freeze-up Service
  • Emergency Repair of Damaged Parts