Emergency Water Tank Freeze-Up Services

Maguire Iron Internship Program
January 31, 2018

During winter months, air temperatures frequently drop below freezing for extended periods of time in much of the United States, especially the Upper Midwest. Therefore, it is important that the person in charge of a community’s water system pays close attention to any outdoor water storage tanks as they are more susceptible to freeze-up. Because this can cause substantial infrastructure damage and leave a community with no water for an extended period of time.

A freeze-up typically occurs when all or a portion of the water in an exterior water storage tank freeze due to lack of water movement inside the tank. This most commonly occurs at night when the demand for water is at its lowest. Smaller tanks in smaller communities are at the highest risks as demand is lower on average.

If water inside the tank freezes, it can stop water from entering or exiting the tank. As a result, your water system can lose water, along with exposing the storage tank and water system to other potential damage including but not limited to:

• Broken Riser Pipes 
• Burst Tank Weld Seams
• Broken Tank Components
• Broken Water Mains
• Other Water Infrastructure Problems

At Maguire Iron, we have over 100 years of experience helping communities with all of their water tower needs including being one of the most experienced companies when it comes to tank freeze-ups. We have emergency crews on-call 24 hours a day ready to respond to any tank that has experienced a freeze-up. You can contact us any time of day or night at 605-334-9749.

Therefore, to reduce the risk of a water storage tank freeze-up, Maguire Iron recommends the following proactive solutions:

Water Re-Circulation System – This is an active system that circulates water within the water storage tank and riser pipe.
Active Mixing System – This is a system that constantly circulates the water within the storage tank.

Both of these solutions are a relatively low cost in comparison to the average $5,000 – $8,000 cost of needing an emergency crew to thaw out the tank and the additional costs of any repairs that are often associated with a tank freeze-up.

To find out what is the best solution for your water storage tank, please contact us at 605-334-9749 to get in touch with our water tower expert in your area.