World Water Day 2018

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January 31, 2018
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April 19, 2018
World Water Day

Each year, March 22 marks World Water Day, a day dedicated to globally recognize the importance of water. This is a perfect opportunity for us to highlight how each of us personally makes an impact in the water industry by using our gifts and talents every day. This principle is carried out in our mission:

We create products, deliver services and partner with communities to build and maintain infrastructure that delivers the most important resource to live…WATER!

This past year, each one of you has directly contributed to our mission by working hard to build and maintain water storage tanks for communities across the United States. This work continues to be part of Maguire’s DNA as it was when it was founded over 100-years ago.

This year, World Water Day holds a special significance for the Maguire companies. As you are all aware, for the first time in our history we are using our resources and expertise to provide water to a community in Rodeito, Nicaragua to help them grow food to become self-sustaining in conjunction with Helping Kids Round First. This project has and will continue to be a focus of our companies and we look forward to continuing to share this story with you as the project progresses.

Today, on this World Water Day, take a moment to appreciate all that you do to ensure that people and communities have clean potable water when they turn on their faucets. Water is the thing that connects everything on earth. It brings life to the world!

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