City of Nixon Municipal Water System

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January 16, 2019
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City of Nixon Municipal Water System

Learn how Maguire Iron is partnering with the City of Nixon Municipal Water System in Texas to keep their water storage tanks maintained and in compliance with state and national regulations.

Nixon, TX –  “Without water, we have no life, and so water in a small town like Nixon is very very important. ” said Harold Rice, City Manager.

“Whenever I go into a city, one of the first things you see is elevated tanks and you don’t want to see one that’s rusted, looks bad and hasn’t been taken care of, because I think that portrays your city that you don’t care,” Rice said. “That the city administrator or the council don’t care about how their city is portrayed in the public eye.”

“My utility foreman and I sat down and devised a plan to get someone in to do our tank maintenance and we looked at several companies and went with Maguire Iron,” Rice said.

City of Nixon Municipal Water System

“One good reason for the maintenance plan is that we can budget,” Rice said. “We know what our fees are going to be over a certain length of time and it helps in our budget process.”

Rice said, “The city of Nixon is a small town, 2,500 people in total. We have seven city employees that take care of everything from water, sewer, roads, parks, everything. It frees up time for us. If we had to do tank maintenance and all of that, that’s all we would do year round and so it’s almost like having another employee on board with us.”

City of Nixon Municipal Water System

“Maguire Iron comes in and does our annual tank inspections for our TCEQ reports and we can turn that in in a timely manner,” Rice said. “Their rules change every year it seems like, so for a company like Maguire Iron who keeps up with those regulations and stuff, with our sales rep, he can come in and say, “Hey, you guys are out of compliance with this.” And we may not even know that so it’s nice to have someone that is on our side to help us stay compliant with TCEQ.”

“It’s like I said earlier, it is something that we don’t have to worry about. It makes it great. It’s nice that it’s one less thing on our plate,” Rice said.