Jason Wipf: 10 Years of Excellence

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Jason Wipf

Congratulations to Jason Wipf on 10 Years of Excellence at Maguire Iron. Jason is one of Maguire Iron’s most highly skilled paint foreman. He is a valuable member of the Maguire Iron team. Thank you, Jason, for your years of dedicated service.

“Jason Wipf embodies Maguire Iron,” said Gene Jones, Jr., President of Maguire Iron. “He’s been with our company for 10 years. He exemplifies quality. He takes great care of our customers. He takes great care of his co-workers. He’s the perfect example of what you want a leader to be out in the field and he’s been doing that for Maguire for 10 years.”

“It gives everybody a role model, an example of how to lead and how to lead the right way and do the right thing,” said Scott Jones, Vice-President of Maguire Iron. “Jason’s always been that guy there leading from the forefront and doing the right thing on all of his projects.

Jason Wipf

“And then he translates that, transmits that to his crew and to the company as a whole with anyone that he deals with. That we’re a great company. We do a great job and we’re fortunate to have somebody like Jason out there as a cheerleader, as an example of what Maguire Iron really is,” said Mike Farnsworth, Director of Operations at Maguire Iron.

“For People like Jason specifically, 10 years in this business, out in the field and delivering at the level that he has is truly unique and the Jones Family, the Maguire Companies are very grateful for Jason and his hard work and we look forward to many years of having Jason on our team and contributing the way he has for the past 10 years. Jason, we thank you very much,” said Gene Jones, Jr.