Illinois Rural Water Association Partners With Maguire Iron to Conduct Trainings

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Watch how the Illinois Rural Water Association is partnering with Maguire Iron to conduct training for water operators and city officials across the state of Illinois.

Freeport, Illinois – “First of all, we are providing a service that is a no-cost service. The individuals that were in the room, they received four hours of education from industry experts at no cost to them,” said Illinois Rural Water Training Specialist Dave McMillan.

“It is a win-win for the industry, for the water supply officials,” said McMillan. “Obviously, it’s the business that we are in to try and educate these folks.”

Illinois Rural Water Association Training Specialist Dave McMillan giving a talk to rural water operators and city officials in Freeport, Illinois.

“I think the partnership between the Rural Water Associations and the industry is paramount. I mean, whenever we do training, we want to bring in experts and obviously the experts in whatever field, that’s the people we want in our training sessions,” said McMillan.

What is important and what I like about doing it is I’m able to provide the most information to water operators, water superintendents, public employees who may not know that it is even out there and what services are available to them and why they might need them,” said Maguire Iron Illinois Water Tower Expert Darin Clarke.

Maguire Iron Illinois Water Tower Expert Darin Clarke performing a water tank inspection for a customer in Illinois to determine the condition of their water storage tank.

“It gives people an opportunity to see these professionals in a non-sales mode,” said McMillan. “These operators and city officials, obviously you can gauge expertise pretty quickly.”

“They are an outstanding organization,” said Clarke. “I mean, the reach that they have and the education that they have from each individual that belongs to the Illinois Rural Water Association on down to its members, I mean, they just have so much knowledge about the water industry. Everything from source to tap. To be able to be a part of that and get to work side-by-side with them and gain knowledge from them as well as me, along with helping them out, with things like water tanks and how we can help their customers that they represent, it’s just even better.”