City of Le Mars, Iowa Partners with Maguire Iron for Maintenance

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June 25, 2019
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July 17, 2019

The City of Le Mars, Iowa and its water department recently made the decision to choose one of Maguire Iron’s custom Full-Service Maintenance Plan to take care of the cities water tower maintenance needs.

Le Mars, Iowa – “Le Mars is a town of almost 10,000 people. We have over 4,500 meters in town,” said Le Mars Water Superintendent Rich Sudtelgte. “The water tower is a 2000 water tower so it’d be almost 19 years old now and it needed to be painted about four years ago.”

Le Mars Alley Art

Le Mars Alley Art mural by Artist Mitch Zenk

“We had an individual come out and inspect it and say that it needs to be painted, so I had been to some classes and they have these maintenance contracts from different companies and so I began talking to some people and they suggested Maguire Iron,” said Sudtelgte. “I guess my reasoning for liking Maguire over the other one was the salesman knew what he was talking about. We climbed the tower together and he pointed out some things. I was just impressed with the knowledge he had so that’s what sold me on Maguire Iron.

Water Superintendent Rich Sudtelgte in front of water tower

Le Mars Water Superintendent Rich Sudtelgte stands in front of the cities newly painted water tower.

“When you paint a water tower it costs a lot of money and if you get these maintenance contracts, it’s built right into them. So we had to come up with you know, X amount of dollars to paint it, or we could pay a maintenance contract and have it inspected every year,” said Sudtelgte. “There are no worries on the city’s part. Whatever happens to that structure, Maguire Iron takes care of it. ”

“Before this, we didn’t inspect it too often and now I don’t have to worry about that. I’ll get a phone call that they’re coming in. I gotta let them in and they go inspect the tower and it’s done. If it ever needs any work, they let me know and they take care of it. There are no worries,” said Sudtelgte.

Le Mars, Iowa water tower

“Not only that, but the cost for the maintenance contract compared to what it costs to paint it, over time, it’s about a wash. It is going to cost for that maintenance contract buy you’re doing it every year you’re not doing it in one lump sum for the tower to be painted,” said Sudtelgte.

“You pay for a maintenance contract and they do the maintenance every year and then when it comes time to paint, they paint it and it doesn’t cost you any more,” said Sudtelgte. “I guess one thing I like about the contract too is you are the only one who can eliminate it. Maguire does not cancel that contract. You are the only one who can do it unless you don’t pay.”

Le Mars, Iowa water tower

“It’s easier to budget and the unforeseen things you don’t have to worry about because Maguire is going to inspect it every year and take care of that issue for no more cost than what it costs you for that maintenance contract,” said Sudtelgte. “That is a big sense of security on my part. I can go and worry about something else.”