The Maguire Iron Podcast: 5: American Water Works Association

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July 22, 2019
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August 28, 2019
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The American Water Works Association is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational society dedicated to providing total water solutions assuring the effective management of water. Founded in 1881, the Association is the largest organization of water supply professionals in the world.

AWWA’s membership includes over 4,300 utilities that supply roughly 80 percent of the nation’s drinking water and treat almost half of the nation’s wastewater. Our 51,000 total members represent the full spectrum of the water community: public water and wastewater systems, environmental advocates, scientists, academicians, and others who hold a genuine interest in water, our most important resource.

On this episode of the Maguire Iron Podcast, Randy Moore of the American Water Works Association and Jamie Mays of Maguire Iron discuss how AWWA plays a major role in the water industry.