Manufacturing Week: Senator John Thune Visits Maguire Iron

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Manufacturing Week

Manufacturing Week in South Dakota was the perfect opportunity for Senator John Thune to tour Maguire Iron and highlight the importance of skilled trades.

Sioux Falls – “I think a lot of people in South Dakota don’t realize just how much manufacturing we have in our state,” said South Dakota Senator John Thune.

“We have a lot of people who are employed and contribute significantly to the economy and we want to encourage more of that,” said Senator Thune. “It’s always nice to get a chance to see up close and personal the good things that are happening right here in our backyard in South Dakota that are literally changing the way the world functions and operates.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Manufacturing Week
Senator John Thune visits with welder Hattie Fischer on the fabrication floor at Maguire Iron.

“I think it’s important for policymakers, employers and educators at every level, local, state and federal to acknowledge and recognize just how important the contribution is that people who work in these trades and these fields are to our communities, to our state and to our country,” said Senator Thune.

“We have some great manufacturing jobs where if you have the right skill set and the right training you can make a very good living and have a really high quality of life here,” said Senator Thune. “Maguire Iron is a great legacy South Dakota intergenerational company that has been creating good-paying jobs right here in South Dakota and around the surrounding area for a long time.”

“We want to make sure that the conditions are favorable for them to continue to invest. To continue to employ people and to make our economy here in South Dakota stronger,” said Senator Thune.

“When you have companies like Maguire that have a great tradition and a great heritage here that are legacy companies, you have certain expectations about them being able to continue to pull their weight and these guys always do. We need those kinds of companies,” said Senator Thune.

“It’s nice to have the startups, it’s nice to have the innovators but you need those traditional legacy type companies that have strong heritages, strong connections to South Dakota to continue to be a very vibrant part of our economy,” said Senator Thune.

Manufacturing Week
Senator John Thune discusses skilled trades and infrastructure with Maguire Iron's ownership and leadership team.