Jake Dugger and Migdad Mustafa Achieve NACE Certification

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Jake Dugger and Migdad Mustafa of Maguire Iron are now National Association of Corrosion Experts (NACE) Certified Coatings Inspector Level 1. Dugger and Mustafa completed the one-week training course to attain their new certification.

The Certified Inspector Program Level 1 focuses on the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work. Students will be prepared to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and instrumentation. This course provides students with knowledge and application of coating materials, along with techniques for surface preparation.

Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures, discussions, group exercises and hands-on practical labs.

“Maguire Iron has always been a leader in serving our customers with industry experts,” said Gene Jones, Jr. President of Maguire Iron. “Understanding the materials and equipment that go into and on water tanks is why Maguire continues to deliver ‘best in the industry’ service and products. Our teams are accomplished and will continue to strive to lead as experts in the ever-changing water tank marketplace.”

Jake Dugger


“Jake will be able to recommend the proper coating systems with more confidence as a coatings water tank expert. He will also be able to diagnose coatings failures and be able to recommend better solutions for our customers to help better serve their needs.” 

Scott Jones, Maguire Iron Vice-President and NACE Level 3 Certified Coatings Inspector


“By earning his NACE Level 1 certification, Jake has enhanced his knowledge and skill as a water tower expert. Jake will use this new certification to help diagnose coating systems for his customers and advise them on the proper solutions for their water tanks long-term maintenance needs,” said Jamie Mays, Maguire Iron Director of Sales and NACE Level 3 Coatings Inspector.

Migdad Mustafa


“As a Project Coordinator, you review paint specifications from engineering firms. Having a NACE certification will help Migdad better understand the capabilities of paint systems. This knowledge will allow him to advise these engineers on the best coating system to use. With his new certification, Migdad will also be able to determine paint issues that arise during field application and determine a solution to solve the issue.”

Troy Werdel, Maguire Iron Chief Estimating and Project Management Officer

“Migdad will be able to address coating issues more authoritatively with applicators and engineers alike.  His increased standing with an internationally recognized certification helps Maguire Iron serve our customers better in every way,” said Mike Farnsworth, Maguire Iron Director of Operations

NACE Level 1 Objectives:

  • Give examples of corrosion fundamentals such as properties of a coating, coating classification and modes of protection
  • Recognize coating types and curing mechanisms
  • Recall coating specifications including service environments and coating life cycle
  • Differentiate surface preparation equipment, methods, and standards for abrasive blasting, solvent cleaning, and power and manual tool cleaning
  • Differentiate coating application by type, including brush, roller, mitt, and conventional and airless spray
  • Demonstrate inspection procedures
  • Describe the role of the inspector as it applies to safety, ethics, conflict prevention, and decision-making
  • Test for environmental or ambient conditions and nonvisible contaminants
  • Utilize nondestructive test instruments such as wet-film and dry-film thickness gauges and low and high voltage holiday detectors
  • Measure surface profile using replica tape and anvil micrometers, surface profile comparators, and digital surface profile gauges
  • Identify quality control issues, recognizing design and fabrication defects and coating failure modes
  • Utilize Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and product technical data sheets
  • Demonstrate the purpose and content of Logbook and report documentation

For more information about the National Association of Corrosion Experts, visit their website.