Maguire Iron Project Honored as a Tnemec Tank of the Year

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Tank of the Year

“The base project was a blast and paint of the interior and exterior of the tank,” said Maguire Iron Director of Operations, Mike Farnsworth. “This type of work is exactly what Maguire Iron is known for.”

The water tower is located in the middle of the town requiring it to be contained. This is the process of constructing arms on the roof of the water tank and hanging cables from them. Once the cables are in place tarps are affixed to the cables so that they can be pulled up and down while the crew is working to contain any of the blast media and paint that was removed from the tank.

“The Maguire Iron company crew did a great job sandblasting and painting the interior and exterior of the tank quickly and efficiently to get it ready for the peach basket mural,” said Maguire Iron Director of Field Crews, Dave Humble

Tank of the Year
A mural in downtown Campbell, Missouri

Since 2006, Tnemec has celebrated the innovative and creative uses of its coatings on water tanks with the annual Tank of the Year contest. Each year, tanks of all varieties from across the U.S. and Canada are narrowed down to determine the most impressive coatings projects in the water tank industry.

More than 300 water tanks were nominated for this year’s contest. Over twenty of those tanks were Maguire Iron projects. After all the votes were cast, the Campbell, Missouri project by Maguire Iron was selected as the #4 Tank of the Year!

“Maguire Iron takes pride in delivering quality projects to all of our customers. Working with a customer like Campbell, Missouri and delivering this exceptional rehabilitation and paint job is a testimony to our capabilities and the talent of our team,” said Maguire Iron President, Gene Jones, Jr.

Tank of the Year
Maguire Iron's award from Tnemec as the #4 Runner-Up in the Tank of the Year competition.

How the Project Happened

The City of Campbell, Missouri, is well known as being the “Peach Capital of Missouri.” The city knew that its 100,000-gallon water tower needed to be renovated and repainted on the inside and out. City leaders decided that this project would be the perfect opportunity to draw attention to their community and their prowess for growing peaches.

Once city leaders, with the help of Waters Engineering, approved the renovation of the water tower, a bid was distributed and Maguire Iron was selected as the company of choice to complete such an important and visible project for the city.

Tank of the Year
Tank of the Year
Maguire Iron team members discussing the project on-site

The Coatings and Mural

The mural for this project was a collaboration between the City of Campbell and their idea for a peach basket on the tank and Maguire Iron to select the proper colors and design rendering of what the tank would look like when finished.

“The most challenging portion of the project was working with the city to agree on a rendering that would meet their requirements. After almost a year of exchanging drawings and color charts, we found the best solution for the customer,” said Farnsworth.

Tnemec was chosen as the coatings manufacture for this high profile project. Maguire Iron then worked with the engineer and Tnemec to order the proper coatings based on where the paint was being applied.


Tank Interior

    • The tank interior was blasted to an SSPC SP 10 / NACE #2 Near White Metal Blast. Once the interior was blasted it was coated with a zinc-rich primer, Series 91 Hydro-Zinc which was spray-applied. Following the primer, the interior received a stripe coat and a full coat of Series 20 Pota-Pox.


Tank Exterior

    • The tank exterior was blasted to an SSPC SP6 / NACE #3 Commercial Blast. Once the exterior was blasted it was coated with a zinc-rich primer, Series 91 Hydro-Zinc which was spray-applied. Following the primer, the exterior received an intermediate coat of a high-performance acrylic polyurethane, Series 73 Endura-Shield. Finally, the exterior and the peach basket mural were coated with Tnemec’s fluoropolymer topcoat, Series 700 Hydroflon.
Tank of the Year
Tnemec Series 700 Hydroflon
“Maguire Iron’s capabilities to do elaborate logos and murals for communities, water districts, and private companies help them stand out and be noticed. Our company and our people are very proud of the work they do for our customers. This project is a perfect example of that.”

Scott Jones, Maguire Iron Vice-President

The Final Product

Tank of the Year
The 2020 Tnemec Tank of the Year calendar featuring the Campbell, Missouri project for the month of April

In 2020 Maguire Iron was chosen as the #4 Tank of the Year for the Campbell, Missouri peach basket tank. The tank is now the featured tank for April 2020 in the Tnemec Tank of the Year Calendar. This was a great project between tank owner, engineer, coatings manufacturer and Maguire Iron.

“Maguire Iron has a long-standing relationship with Tnemec coatings and being selected at the #4 Tank of the Year is representative of Maguire’s ability to perform work as a premier tank contractor,” said Jones, Jr. “from bidding the project, managing and executing in the field, Maguire Iron delivered a quality project to the Campbell, Missouri. The team at Maguire gives every project this type of attention to detail and quality in the finished product.”

To learn more about Maguire Iron’s tank maintenance and new tank services, contact us and one of our water tower experts will help you with all your water storage tank needs.

Final Project Photos