Employee Spotlight: Taylor Golden

The Maguire Iron Podcast: 15: Tnemec
May 4, 2020
National Rural Water Association
The Maguire Iron Podcast: 16: National Rural Water Association
July 20, 2020
Taylor Golden

“When I started here, I had minimal welding experience. I had some steel experience background but I had a good hard work ethic and I wanted to learn,” said Maguire Iron New Tank Field Foreman Taylor Golden.

“I actually started here as an on-the-job welding trainee and have worked my way up since,” said Golden. “The opportunities here, if you want to work for it, are unlimited.”

“I like the ability to come out every day and be outside working. Working hard,” said Golden. “The satisfaction you get, especially in these smaller towns, when you put up a new tower for them. Something they can be proud of.”

Taylor Golden
A new 50,000-gallon water tower built for the City of Langford, SD.
Taylor Golden

“Maguire Iron has an excellent benefits package. 401K, vision, health, dental, all that,” said Golden. “What also sets them apart from a lot of other companies is that their field employees obtain paid time off after so long that you have been here. You also get paid holidays throughout the year.”

“Being a name instead of a number at a company is absolutely crucial,” said Golden. “For myself, to shop employees, to field welders, to painters, everyone here feels like if they ever have an issue, they could call any of the owners at any time and they would really listen and care about what you have to say.”

“They are really great to work for, great people, and I just can’t say enough good things about the company,” said Golden.

Taylor Golden
Taylor Golden works on a new tank site in Langford, SD for Maguire Iron.

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