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The Maguire Iron Podcast: 27: Iowa Rural Water Association
November 15, 2021
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November 21, 2021

Maguire Iron is excited to begin a new pen pal program in partnership with Helping Kids Round First to connect its employees and their families to children in Nicaragua.

“Hi Wyatt, my name is Aleysha,” said Nicaraguan child Aleysha.

“We were really looking at an opportunity where we could connect our Maguire Iron co-workers and their families to the people in Nicaragua and the children in Nicaragua,” said Gene Jones, Jr. Maguire Iron CEO.

“I am five years old,” said Alyesha. “I like to play with my friends at my house with dolls. What do you like to do?”



“As we all know, youth is an amazing gift and they are so sincere, they are so honest and thoughtful about where they are at in life and life is much simpler for our youth,” said Jones, Jr. “The fact that we have this opportunity to cross barriers and connect with the kids in Nicaragua is truly an amazing opportunity and we are so excited to be able to share that with the children in Nicaragua from our family here at Maguire Iron.”


“Dear Alyesha, hi, my name is Wyatt. My favorite thing to do is play with my friends. I also like to play outside and play board games,” said Wyatt Cooper. “My favorite food is tacos. I love to play a game called run sheep run. What is your favorite game?”

“Maguire Iron has always felt strongly about helping those in need and working with people that have a desire to better themselves and in the case of Helping Kids Round First, it’s some of the poorest of the poor that we are working with down in Nicaragua,” said Jones, Jr. “We just feel that with some of our success that we have had over the years, if we can share a small part of that with the people in Nicaragua that would be a great win for Maguire Iron and all of our co-workers and especially for the people in Nicaragua to give them a little bit of a leg up in any way that we can help them.”