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July 21, 2022
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“We make the applesauce pouches that you’ll see in many stores probably in your area, they are the squeezable pouches with applesauce in different flavors,” said Casey Scott, Project Engineer for Materne North America. “Our tank has been here since the company before us about 20 years ago and hasn’t really been paid attention to so we got our insurance involved and we realized it was ready for an upgrade so we started looking for vendors and found Maguire.”

“It was mostly getting up to date with safety regulations, making sure we’re set with OSHA and meeting all the codes and requirements there, and making sure that we improve it so if our team is out there it is as safe as possible for them,” said Scott.

“I was just doing a general search trying to find companies that provide this type of work. I talked to our local groups here in the valley, and as I kept reaching out and searching, I came across Maguire Iron, and with them not being far away from our state, it was an easy one to start asking questions, and have them come out and check out our tank and start getting the project going,” said Scott

“Very clear communication on needs that I need, scheduling with being a food processing plant is always hard,” said Scott. “So he understood that we can’t do intermittent sections, we have to just get it done, and be back up as soon as possible, and he was very helpful with that.”

“We do have strict safety and GMP protocols at our plant and the guys have been great about following that. Overall, it’s been a good experience,” said Scott

“If you are looking for tank repairs, Maguire Iron is a great company to work with. Everything has been smooth,” said Scott.  “Our July shutdown happened to be a great time to get that going and you guys were able to make it work!”