Safety: A Key Component of Maguire Iron’s Success

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April 6, 2023
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(Director of Case Management, Larry Nierengarten administering a climb test for a new employee.)

In construction, there are rules and regulations along with policies and procedures. But safety at Maguire Iron is more than checklists, it is a core value and the responsibility of everyone.

“When we began talking about safety being everyone’s responsibility it began to hit,” Chief Operating Officer Mike Farnsworth said.

“In the last few years, we have grown our safety culture. It began with making our safety programs personal and not something we did just to check the box. Safety has to be built on relationships.”

(Safety Supervisor, Scott Peterson teaching a training class on fall protection.)

Every team member goes through safety orientation specifically targeting the risk they will see on a field job site or in the fabrication facility. This training includes things like fall protection and the proper use of personal protective equipment. This is only the beginning. At Maguire Iron, it also includes caring for people.

“We need to make sure everyone comes home at the end of the day,” Maintenance Field Superintendent Dave Humble said. “We want everyone to be healthy and to make a great living. To do that, safety has to be our number one initiative.”

(Constrcution Foreman, Jake Junker directing the construction of a new water tower.)

Farnsworth sees these relationships on job sites, in the fabrication facility, and in the discussions between team members every day.

“Safety is a team effort. All great teams have one goal in mind. At Maguire Iron that goal is our core value, Commit to Safety, the work we do to deliver water to communities across the country depends on each of our team members making safety personal, and their top priority,” he said.

One of the ways Maguire Iron has improved its safety culture is by driving a proactive safety cadence that includes hosting multiple safety training events throughout the year for each department within the company.

“Our safety programs are address specific risks in both fabrication and field services,” Safety Supervisor, Scott Peterson said. “If safety isn’t the backbone of our business, we won’t be in business very long. Our goal is to send everyone home to their families and loved ones at the end of each day.”

(Maintenance Field Superintendent Supervisor, Dave Humble performing a job site safety visit.)

The investment in safety training and safety equipment is paying off for all team members at Maguire Iron. Each employee understands they have a job to do, but completing the job safely is the most important thing.

What does that look like?

It is a collective effort and it is personal for team members at Maguire Iron.

“You can’t have production without safety,” Construction Foreman Brandon Worley said. “Once somebody gets hurt, production stops. It is my responsibility to make sure my team goes home safe at the end of the day.”

“My life is worth more than my job,” Maintenance Sales Representative Michael Bruck said.

“We are 100% tied off and safe at all times when climbing a water tower. We work at heights every day and I take my safety and the safety of other team members personally. Your life depends on safety.”

(Construction Foreman, Brandon Worley working in the field.)
(Maintenance Sales Representative, Michael Bruck working in the field.)

One of the newest initiatives at Maguire Iron is the Human Factors Council.

“This is a group of leaders that meet regularly to review the human behaviors within all facets of the company that are leading indicators of risk. These factors can impact the wellness of individuals and identifying them leads to prevention efforts that reduce safety risks,” Farnsworth said. “This group has already paid huge dividends by identifying risk and taking action to keep our team members safe.”
These efforts have improved all aspects of the Maguire Iron safety culture and it is noticeable.

“A lot of companies talk about safety, but here we live it,” said Peterson.

To learn more and experience Maguire Iron’s safety culture for yourself, click on the videos below.