Tank Maintenance

June 25, 2019

Illinois Rural Water Association Partners With Maguire Iron to Conduct Trainings

Watch how the Illinois Rural Water Association is partnering with Maguire Iron to conduct training for water operators and city officials across the state of Illinois. Freeport, Illinois – “First of all, we are providing a service that is a no-cost service. The individuals that were in the room, they received four hours of education from industry experts at no […]
January 28, 2019
City of Nixon Municipal Water System

City of Nixon Municipal Water System

Learn how Maguire Iron is partnering with the City of Nixon Municipal Water System in Texas to keep their water storage tanks maintained and in compliance with state and national regulations. Nixon, TX –  “Without water, we have no life, and so water in a small town like Nixon is very very important. ” said Harold Rice, City Manager. “Whenever I go into a city, one of the first things […]
May 8, 2018
Sedgwick County Rural Water District #3

On-Site with Maguire Iron: Sedgwick County Rural Water District #3

Go on-site with Maguire Iron and hear from Frank Parker, Sedgwick County Rural Water District #3 Operations Manager in Mulvane, Kansas on how Maguire Iron helped them refurbish their water tower. If you have questions about the maintenance of your elevated storage tank, find your sales representative HERE.
April 19, 2018
Geodesic Roof

On-Site with Maguire Iron: Geodesic Roof Installation

Watch how Maguire Iron installed an aluminum geodesic roof for the Lincoln Electric System. This new roof was designed, fabricated, constructed, and installed on a 3.5 million gallon ground raw water storage tank to prevent future corrosion from gasses inside the tank. This ground storage tank is used to feed water into a power plant that produces electricity of the Lincoln, […]