Día Mundial del Agua
Día Mundial del Agua 2018
19 de abril de 2018
Distrito de agua rural del condado de Sedgwick nº 3
In situ con Maguire Iron: Distrito de Agua Rural del Condado de Sedgwick nº 3
8 de mayo de 2018
Techo geodésico

Watch how Maguire Iron installed an aluminum geodesic roof for the Lincoln Electric System. This new roof was designed, fabricated, constructed, and installed on a 3.5 million gallon ground raw water storage tank to prevent future corrosion from gasses inside the tank.

This ground storage tank is used to feed water into a power plant that produces electricity of the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Maguire Iron was hired to rehab the paint system on the interior and exterior of the tank along with replacing the old steel roof with a new aluminum geodesic roof.