Our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Strategic thinking is nothing new at Maguire. This type of thinking is what has allowed us to be a force for good in the potable water storage tank and tower industry for more than 105 years.  To continue our tradition, we developed an all new vision for the future. A vision constructed with input from our customers, team members, partners, and industry leaders that will move us boldly into the future. This vision will inspire us to harness the power of knowledge, talent, collaboration, and technology to provide industry-leading solutions for our customers in the water industry while providing a place for our team members to flourish both personally and professionally.

Join us on this journey to help store and protect quality water.

The Maguire Iron Podcast

Episode 33: Strategic Planning

Initiative Area #1



We believe in providing the highest value in the water storage tank industry.





Initiative Area #2



Our vision is to be operationally excellent in everything we do.



Before & AfterS



The safety of our employees, subcontractors, and members of the communities we work in is our number one priority. Commit to Safety is not just a slogan at Maguire Iron. Commit to Safety is a core value and a way of life.

Every employee is trained on our safety procedures and our safety team is constantly reviewing and monitoring our safety standards based on OSHA regulations on every project.

Initiative Area #3


of Life

Maguire is a place of great human dignity where people achieve a high quality of life.

Maguire Matters

Maguire Matters is more than a slogan about how we do business. Expecting a lot from ourselves is how we make a positive impact to strengthen the communities where we live and work. It’s a challenge we share with our employees who help us fulfill our mission by lending a hand where it is needed.

Employee of the Quarter

Maguire strives to lift up our team members and recognize those that go above and beyond to make our company one that we can all be proud of. The employee of the quarter is nominated and voted on by their peers.

Crew of the Year

Our crews are out on the road all year long helping communities with their water storage tank needs. The Gene Jones Sr. Crew of the Year is just one way that we  recognize these teams that represent our company and our core values. 

Initiative Area #4



There is a purpose beyond profit at Maguire. Our success allows us to reinvest in our team members, facilities, equipment, and the communities and customers we serve. This allows us to deliver industry-leading value at all levels. 

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